ISFC news, Annual Report, Awards, New Rules

ISFC news, Annual Report, Awards, New Rules

Annual report – hope to publish in April 2022.

Annual Awards Day – the usual event held in Feb every year was postponed due to the COVID-19 situation, but it is planned to have an event at some stage in 2022.

Handling – for all species best practice is essential. This is particularly important for species like shad.

Specimen fish rules updates:

  • Corkwing wrasse length – 2021 was a data collection year for this species in order to set a realistic threshold. Data showed that the guideline length of 20 cm total length (TL) was too low. The new threshold is being set at >24 cm total length. This will apply to all claims received in 2021 and from now onwards.
  • Twaite Shad – the threshold length from 2022 onwards is 50 cm total length. From 2022 no weight-based claims will be accepted. The only exception is where a record shad is being claimed.
  • Perch – length-based specimen category added with a threshold of 40 cm fork length
  • Grey Gurnard – threshold weight reduced to 600g and length based specimen category at 40 cm total length introduced

The ISFC may advise of more changes before the 2021 annual report is published.