Eligible Species – Marine Species

Eligible Species – Marine Species

Ireland’s climate and its location on the far west of Europe mean it is uniquely placed to benefit from sub-tropical influences and still have a large number of cold water species. The Gulf Stream ensures that even in the coldest winter the west of Ireland enjoys milder weather. This in turn leads to a more diverse mix of species than might otherwise be expected when the summer rolls around. Boat anglers, surfcasters and shore fishermen all benefit.

While it is possible to catch sea breams, triggerfish and other warmwater species on one drop, the next might bring you cod, haddock or even halibut. And on the subject of big fish if you use the right gear in the right place you may even strike into bluefin tuna of 1000 lbs or more.

The Irish Record Weight and Specimen Weight is presented in different units, both imperial measures (lbs) and metric system (kg), dependant on the value on which it was reported. To aid in the conversion between both systems, please use the weight conversion calculator provided (see right sidebar)

SpeciesIrish Record WeightSpecimen WeightLength Based SpecimenSpecies Identification Requirements
Angel Shark (aka Monkfish) (Squatina squatina)73 lbsNo Specimen Weight≥125cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Angler Fish (Lophius piscatorius)42.985 kg8.0 kg17.64 lbsPhotos or Body
Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)17 lbs13 ozs4.536 kg10 lbs≥75cm Total Length
Black Sole (Solea solea)6.32 lbs0.6 kg1.32 lbs
Black Bream (Spondyliosoma cantharus)1.46 kg-0.79 kg1.75 lbs≥36cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Bluemouth (Helicolenus dactylopterus)1.32 kg0.9 kg1.9845 lbs≥38cm Total LengthPhotos
Brill (Scophthalmus rhombus)9 lbs8 ozs1.6kg3.53 lbsPhotos or Body
Coalfish (Pollachius virens)15.1 kg6.0 kg13.23 lbs≥86cm Total LengthPhotos
Cod (Gadus morhua)42 lbs7.0 kg15.43 lbs≥88cm Total Length
Conger Eel (Conger conger)72 lbs18.144 kg40 lbs≥165cm Total Length
Dab (Limanda limanda)2 lbs5.5 ozs0.6 kg1.32 lbs≥37cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Dogfish - Blackmouthed (Galeus melastomus)1.33 kg1.0 kg2.205 lbs≥67cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Dogfish - Lesser Spotted (Scyliorhinus caniculus)4 lbs4 ozs1.474 kg3.25 lbsPhoto on measuring mat
Dogfish - Greater Spotted (Scyliorhinus stellaris)23 lbs13 ozs7.257 kg16 lbs≥115cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Dogfish - Spur (Squalus acanthias)11.06 kg5.443 kg12 lbs≥105cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Flounder (Platichthys flesus)4.91 lbs1.1 kg2.4255 lbs≥45cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Garfish (Belone belone)1.729 lbs1.0 kg2.205 lbs≥89cm Total LengthHead and gills
Garfish (Belone svetovidovi)1.11 lbs0.3 kg0.875 lbsHead and gills
Gilthead Bream (Sparus aurata)3.505 kg1.4 kg3.08 lbs≥42cm Total LengthPhoto (whole body, head shot showing mouth & eyes)
Gurnard - Gray (Eutrigla gurnardus)3 lbs1 ozs0.600 kg≥40cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Gurnard - Red (Aspitrigla cuculus)3 lbs9.5 ozs0.907 kg2 lbs≥45cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Gurnard - Tub (Trigla lucerna)12 lbs3.5 ozs2.0 kg4.41 lbsPhoto (pectoral fins must be fully expanded
Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglifinus)5.39 kg2.5 kg5.51 lbs≥63cm Total Length
Hake (Merluccius merluccius)25 lbs5.5 ozs2.2 kg4.85 lbs≥68cm Total Length
Halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)156 lbs12 kg26.46 lbs
Herring (Clupea harengus)0.48 kg0.34 kg0.75 lbsPhotos or Body
John Dory (Zeus faber)7 lbs8 ozs1.814 kg4 lbs
Ling (Molva molva)55 lbs11.34 kg25 lbs≥125cm Total Length
Mackerel (Scomber scombrus)4 lbs2 ozs1.0 kg2.5 lbs≥44cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis)1.85 kg0.794 kg1.75 lbs≥49cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Mullet - Gray, thick lipped (Chelon labrosus)9.1 lbs2.268 kg5 lbs≥55cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Mullet - Golden Gray (Liza aurata)1.52 kg0.68 kg1.5 lbsPhotos or Body
Mullet - Thin Lipped (Liza ramada) 2.95 kg1.5 kg3.31 lbsPhotos or Body
Mullet - Red (Mullus surmuletus)0.82 kg0.4 kg1.0 lbsPhotos or Body
Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)8.23 lbs1.2 kg2.65 lbs≥48cm Total Length
Pollack (Pollachius pollachius)19 lbs3 ozs5.0 kg11.02 lbs≥80cm Total LengthPhotos
Pouting (Trisopterus luscus)4 lbs13.5 ozs1.361 kg3 lbs
Ray - Blonde (Raja brachyura)37 lbs11.34 kg25 lbs≥100cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Ray - Cuckoo (Raja naevus)5 lbs11 ozs1.6 kg4.0 lbs≥63cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Ray - Electric (Torpedo nobiliana)40 kg9.072 kg20 lbsPhoto on measuring mat
Ray - Homelyn (Raja montagui)8.28 lbs2.268 kg5 lbs≥65cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Ray - Painted (Raja microocellata)17.21 lbs4.536 kg10 lbs≥80cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Ray - Sting (Dasyatis pastinaca)33.2 kg13.0 kg30 lbs≥90cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Ray - Thornback (Raja clavata)37 lbs7.0 kg17.64 lbs≥100cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Ray - Undulate (Raja undulata)18 lbsNo specimen weight≥85cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Ray's Bream (Brama brama)6 lbs4.25 ozs2.0 kg4.41 lbsPhotos or Body
Red Sea Bream (Pagellus bogaraveo)9 lbs6 ozs1.0 kg4.0 lbs
Rockling – Shore (Gaidropsarus mediterraneus)†≥30cm Total Length†Photo on measuring mat
Rockling, Three Bearded (Gaidropsarus vulgaris)3 lbs1 oz0.794 kg1.75 lbs≥40cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Scad (Trachurus trachurus)1.97 lbs0.680 kg1.5 lbs≥44cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Shad – Allis (Alosa alosa)- -1.814 kg4 lbsScales
Shad - Twaite (Alosa fallax)1.54 kg≥50cm Total LengthScales
No weight based claims, unless new record
Shark - Blue (Prionace glauca)206 lbs45.359 kg100 lbs≥185cm Fork LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Shark - Mako (Isurus oxyrinchus)- - 90.718 kg200 lbsPhoto on measuring mat
Shark - Porbeagle (Lamna nasus)365 lbsNo Specimen weight≥180cm Fork LengthFish to be measured in water alongside vessel with 180 cm mark clearly visible on measuring device
Shark - Six-Gilled (Hexanchus griseus)480 kg45.359 kg100 lbsPhoto on measuring mat
Shark – Thresher (Alopias vulpinus)- -54.431 kg120 lbsPhoto on measuring mat
Short Spined Sea Scorpion (Myoxocephalus scorpius)†0.26.573≥25cm Total Length†
Skate - Flapper (Dipturus intermedius)221 lbsNo Specimen Weight≥180cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Previously know as Skate - Common (Raja batis)
Skate – Long Nosed (Raja oxyrinchus)--36.287 kg80 lbsPhoto on measuring mat
Skate - White (Raja alba)165 lbsNo Specimen Weight≥180cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Smooth-Hound (Mustelas asterias)11.27 kg4.5 kg9.94 lbs≥103cm Total LengthPhoto on measuring mat
Stone Basse (Polyprion americanus)11.72 lbs3.628 kg8 lbs
Tope (Galeorhinus galeus)34.02 kg8 ozs18.144 kg40 lbs≥155cm Total Length PPhoto on measuring mat
Torsk (Brosme brosme)4.858 kg2.0 kg≥40cm Total LengthPhotos or Body
Trigger Fish (Balistes carolinensis)2.54 kg1.474 kg3.25 lbsPhoto
Tuna - Albacore (Thunnus alalunga)29.96 kg12 kg26.46 lbsPhoto
Tuna - Bluefin (Thunnus thynnus)440 kgsuspended from listings
Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)34 lbs5 kg11.02 lbs
Whiting (Merlangius merlangus)4 lbs14.5 ozs1.361 kg3 lbs≥54cm Total Length
Wrasse Ballan (Labrus bergylta)4.3 kg2.154 kg4.75 lbs≥48cm Total LengthPhoto
Wrasse – Corkwing (Symphodus melops)†0.0150.033≥24cm Total LengthPhoto
Wrasse Cuckoo (Labrus mixtus)2 lbs7 ozs0.567 kg1.25 lbs≥35cm Total LengthPhoto

N.B. Where species identification states body required, high quality photographs (see Rule 4) may suffice.
† Claims are invited for these species (Corkwing Wrasse, Shore Rockling & Short Spined Sea Scorpion) in order to set specimen thresholds.